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image of an HP 35s scientific calculator

MSRP: $79.19*

US internet price:


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Training modules

» Educators & Students
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These documents have been prepared for educators and students to provide useful information about using the hp 35s scientific calculator.

»  Download all available training modules for the HP 35s scientific calculator. (.zip, 7 Mb)

»  Training aid introduction (.pdf, 129K)
»  Using RPN mode (.pdf, 171K)
»  Using Algebraic Mode (.pdf, 202K)
»  Unit Conversions (.pdf, 149K)
»  Temperature Conversions (.pdf, 152K)
»  Angular conversions and arithmetic (.pdf, 153K)
»  Using Calculator Memories to Help Solve Problems (.pdf, 156K)
»  Using the indirect registers (.pdf, 149K)
»  Using Register Arithmetic (.pdf, 141K)
»  Using the built-in constants(.pdf, 129K)
»  Averages and standard deviations (.pdf, 136K)
»  Probability – Rearranging items (.pdf, 134K)
»  Normal distribution applications (.pdf, 160K)
»  Linear Regression (.pdf, 125K)
»  Working with Fractions (.pdf, 155K)
»  Working with complex numbers –part 1 (.pdf, 164K)
»  Working with complex numbers – part 2 (.pdf, 166K)
»  Solving Simple Trigonometry Problems (.pdf, 160K)
»  Logarithmic functions (.pdf, 131K)
»  Hyperbolic functions (.pdf, 133K)
»  Solving for roots (.pdf, 138K)
»  Base conversions and arithmetic (.pdf, 134K)
»  Using the LOGIC functions (.pdf, 134K)
»  Using the formula solver – part 1 (.pdf, 178K)
»  Using the formula solver – part 2 (.pdf, 204K)
»  Solving numeric integration problems (.pdf, 157K)
»  Solving Trigonometry Problems (.pdf, 151K)
»  Solving systems of linear equations (.pdf, 133K)
»  Roots of polynomials (.pdf, 142K)
»  Advanced uses of logarithmic functions (.pdf, 141K)
»  Working with vectors (.pdf, 127K)
»  Writing a Simple Program (.pdf, 177K)
»  Programming using line numbers (.pdf, 119K)
»  Accessing the stack registers (.pdf, 135K)
»  Indirect register data packing program (.pdf, 162K)
»  Using HP 35s Flags (.pdf, 144K)
»  Converting programs to line number addressing (.pdf, 155K)
»  General applications – Part 1 (.pdf, 138K)
»  General applications – Part 2 (.pdf, 133K)
»  General applications – Part 3 (.pdf, 127K)
»  Applications in Electrical Engineering (.pdf, 153K)
»  Applications in Mechanical Engineering (.pdf, 173K)
»  Applications in Medicine (.pdf, 160K)
»  Using random numbers for simulations (.pdf, 138K)

* Manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP). Actual prices may vary. Does not include taxes, tariffs and shipping.

** Except where noted, all prices are estimated U.S. HP prices. Actual prices from other locations or websites may vary. Check with your local resellers for regional pricing.

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