HP Web Jetadmin software - overview and features

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Version 10.3 SR5 Now Available

HP Web Jetadmin software - Printing and imaging software

Overview and Features

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Count on an award-winning, industry-leading, print management solution that improves productivity and reduces operation costs. HP Web Jetadmin 10.3 delivers enhanced ease of use and a simplified, web-based interface to install, configure, troubleshoot, and manage both HP and non-HP networked print devices. New features include configuration filtering by device model, multithreading, enhanced alert polling, hostname support, and group policy enhancements. Retain your existing HP Web Jetadmin configuration with automated, built-in backup and restore features.


Gain efficiency through advanced ease of use

Manage the imaging and printing environment more efficiently than ever before. Advanced management features include customizable fleet deployment tools, robust device and supplies alerts, and support for a broad set of operating systems.

Quickly and easily configure and update fleet-wide network settings with a single, web-based interface.

Save valuable management time and reduce costs

Auto-discover new IP addresses, set group policies, and perform power cycles—for single events or on a schedule—more quickly and easily than ever. Configure or change network settings at deployment or after network changes.

Quickly discover imaging and printing devices within the network and easily add them to the fleet.

Help protect imaging and printing investments

Maximize the imaging and printing budget with effective, efficient management and awareness. Deploy HP Web Jetadmin to help ensure that the device fleet is well-managed, protected, and organized.

Easily view and manage stored print jobs on HP printing devices to ensure printing resources are used wisely.

Use accurate reports to make business decisions

Control IT costs and make better management decisions with accurate reporting. Log all actions to a central file, create graphical device maps to improve IT support, and use charts to assess device, workgroup, or system status and performance.

Get a comprehensive view of activity across the printing environment and transfer database logs to a file.

Efficient fleet management
  • Monitor device and supplies status more efficiently than ever through custom polling and enhanced alerts.
  • Save valuable management time by configuring settings for entire groups of devices within the fleet.
  • Access key information on a single screen, using an information-rich format that puts details about status, configuration, alerts, groups, reports, supplies, and troubleshooting right at your fingertips.
  • Take advantage of fleet-management functions as broad as report generation, PC-Connected printer discovery, device discovery by hostname, authentication management, group policy setting, alert and static polling, multithreading, and supplies management.

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