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Introducing HP ProtectTools, security solutions for business PCs
HP introduces HP ProtectTools, a family of business PC security products, services and features, with new offerings on business desktops, notebooks and workstations.

Embedded Security for HP ProtectTools 
Embedded Security for HP ProtectTools is now available on a wide array of Business Notebooks and select Business Desktops and Workstations. HP ProtectTools Embedded Security is a hardware security chip, called the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that integrates the core elements of trust into the subsystem. As a founding promoter of the Trusted Computing Group, HP is helping drive TPM development and implementation. The TPM is bound to a single platform and is independent of all other platform components (such as processor, memory and operating system). The TPM uses a root key protected in silicon to enhance native Microsoft™ operating system file and folder encryption and lay the foundation for authentication of TPM-enable PCs to the corporate network.

»  ProtectTools Embedded Security overview whitepaper (.pdf, 406 K)
»  HP ProtectTools Embedded Security technical whitepaper (.pdf, 1.1MB)
»  Q&A
»  See HP ProtectTools ISV solutions
»  See our ISV Security Solutions for Commercial PCs offered within the HP Security Solutions Center


  • Embedded Security for HP ProtectTools is a hardware chip, called the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that is deployed on the motherboard of the business PC, and is available as a configure-to-order option on select business desktops and workstations.
  • Embedded Security Manager software for HP ProtectTools has two key functions:
    • Controlling the basic operation of Embedded Security for ProtectTools (enabling, ownership, and more)
    • Providing simple file and folder encryption
  • Each TPM Embedded Security chip is unique and is bound to a specific system
  • Each performs key security processes independent from other platform components (such as processor, memory or operating system)


  • Embedded Security for HP ProtectTools creates a unique root encryption key (random numbers) and stores it in silicon - extremely difficult to compromise!
  • "Virtual" smart card, can complement some functionality in smart card/token id deployments
  • Enhances other security products such as Smart Cards, fingerprint ID, etc.
  • Can strengthen wireless user authentication and data protection & integrity (limit spoofing threats)
  • File and folder encryption - helps protect local data as well as sharing across the Internet
  • TPM strengthened encrypted email - Master encryption key for email securely generated and stored by TPM
  • Can help to control which machines connect to corporate network and/or limit access rights
  • Can help to reduce hacking (system attacks, denial of service, network attacks)
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