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HP's Leadership Graphics program offers two classes of cards to satisfy every conceivable user need. HP's fully integrated graphics offerings are selected to meet the majority of customers needs directly from HP. For those engineers and artists who have needs outside of the high volume business, HP offers its Tested & Certified Graphics. The T&C class of graphics offers the following benefits:

  • HP tests and certifies these graphics cards for a high level of confidence that the combination will perform as expected
  • HP Tested & Certified Graphics will not void your system warranty
  • Most workstation branded graphics that are not fully integrated will be Tested & Certified
  • Support and warranty of the graphics card is provided by the vendor supplying the card
  • Tested & Certified Graphics cards can be integrated through HP's Factory Express custom integration service

HP's Tested & Certified Graphics offer you the cards that you want, when you want them. The program continues to leverage HP's vast graphics expertise by combining our graphics technology with available graphics products to provide customers with the industry's most expansive, fast and flexible set of graphics solutions.

Z230 SFF
Z230 Tower
AMD Contact
FirePro 2270 2D Pro LP Single Slot 15W
FirePro V4900 3D Entry 1GB 128bit dDVI 2DP
FirePro V5900 3D Mid 2GB 256bit dDVI 2DP 75W  
FirePro W600 Display Wall 2GB 6mDP 75W
FirePro W5000 3D Mid 2GB 256bit dDVI 2DP 75W
FirePro R5000 3D Mid Graphics with Teradici PCoIP  
FirePro W8000 3D High 4GB 256bit 4DP <225W  
FirePro W9000 3D Ultra 6GB 384bit 6mDP 274W  
FirePro W9100 3D Ultra 12GB 6mDP  
FirePro S10000 GPU Compute Card  
Matrox Contact
M9120 PCIe x16 Professional Multi-display cards  
M9210 Plus LP PCIe x1 Professional Multi-display cards  
M9120 Plus LP PCIe x16 Professional Multi-display cards  
M9125 PCIe x16 Professional Multi-display cards  
M9128 LP PCIe x16 Professional Multi-display cards  
M9138 LP PCIe x16 Professional Multi-display cards  
M9140 LP PCIe x16 Professional Multi-display cards  
M9148 LP PCIe x16 Professional Multi-display cards  
M9188 PCIe x16 Professional Multi-display cards  
Extio F2408 KVM Extender  
Extio F2208 KVM Extender  
Extio F2308 Expander KVM Extender  
Extio F2408 Expander KVM Extender  
PNY Contact
Quadro K4000, K5000, K6000 stereo bracket 3D Stereo bracket with 3pin mini-DIN  
NVIDIA Quadro K2000D 3D Mid Graphics with Dual DL-DVI  
Teradici Contact
Tera2220 PCoIP remoting card-dual display  
Tera2240 PCoIP remoting card-quad display  

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