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Legendary HP-35 Scientific Calculator Awarded IEEE Milestone Honor


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IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional association, has awarded the HP-35 Scientific Calculator with the prestigious IEEE Milestone in Electrical Engineering and Computing award. The designation was awarded on April 14, 2009 and an IEEE Milestone plaque recording the award will be permanently displayed at HP Labs in Palo Alto, CA, the site where the HP-35 was originally developed.

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Background Information

IEEE established the Electrical Engineering Milestones program in 1983 to honor significant achievements in the history of electrical and electronics engineering. The awarded technologies must have stood the test of time. Currently, there are less than 100 IEEE milestones in existence around the world, among these include Benjamin Franklin’s work with electricity and Volta’s invention of the electrical battery.
»  More on IEEE
» 35th Anniversary Video (.wmv, 8.6MB)
» Origins Video: Death of a Sliderule
» Video of IEEE Milestone Ceremony

»  Download HP Calculators screensaver (.zip, 5.5MB)
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Fun Facts

In 1972……the first scientific hand-held calculator (HP-35) is introduced for $395

Did you know that?

A marketing study done in early 1971 warned HP that there was a small market for a pocket-sized calculator with scientific and mathematical functionality—it also recommended that the new calculator be the size of a typewriter or adding machine. But Bill Hewlett was convinced that engineers would prefer a calculator that would fit into a shirt pocket. Bill was right.
»  HP IEEE Interesting facts.pdf (.pdf, 1MB)

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Man with the HP-35 Calculator

Woman with the HP-35 Calculator
HP-35 Calculator
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