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HP Backup and Recovery Manager

With HP Backup & Recovery Manager, you can quickly recover and get back to work when information is accidentally deleted or your operating system is corrupted.

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Help your company protect against potentially disastrous data loss. HP Backup & Recovery Manager helps protect the data and system state of your HP computer by taking scheduled snapshots, which can be stored in a protected area on the primary hard drive, a secondary hard drive, a network drive, or on external optical media. Create Recovery Discs (CDs or DVDs) based on the software image shipped from the factory or yoursoftware image that includes your customizations and data. System backup and disaster recovery is now simpler and more powerful for all users, regardless of connectivity.

Easy to run, easy to restore

HP Backup and Recovery Manager is quick and user-friendly. To run, simply go to All Programs > HP Backup & Recovery > HP Backup and Recovery Manager.

With HP Backup & Recovery Manager, file restoration is easy. To recover a deleted file, simply use the Restore Wizard. For a full system restoration, press the F11 key during bootup and then select "Recover PC" from the menu.

Recovery Discs enable disaster recovery

HP Backup and Recovery Manager saves your computer's software image on Recovery Discs (CDs or DVDs). You have the flexibility to save both the original factory software image that came with your HP computer and your software image that includes your customizations and data. These Recovery Discs enable full recovery of your computer should a critical hardware failure occur.
Safeguard your system files and critical data
HP Backup & Recovery Manager provides the following features and benefits:
Create Recovery Discs
Software backup in case of critical hardware failure
Backup individual files and folders

Helps protect your critical data, quickly

Backup open or locked application files (such as .pst files)
Backup Microsoft® Outlook files without exiting the application
Backup data to hidden partition on the user's local hard drive*
Enables fast and convenient recovery from accidental file deletion or system corruption
Backup data to a secondary hard drive, CD-R, DVD-R, flash media or network drive (recommended)
Enables user flexibility and choice
Scheduled backups and restore point snapshots
Automate the protection of your system
Create system recovery points

Captures changes made to your system — applications, data and settings

Number of snapshots limited only by available storage space
Provides ability to roll back to a known good state or recover individual documents/files from a long history
One button restore in pre-OS environment
Restore your system even when the operating system fails to load
Wizard backup and restore interfaces
Simple interface for all users
Advanced backup and restore interfaces
Added control for advanced users

*Up to 8GB of the hard drive is reserved for the system recovery software.

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