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HP Calculators now offers FREE  training videos with an experienced instructor to walk you through different types of problem sets on your calculator!

Trainer profiles

Please click here to view trainer profiles.

Our instructors include some of the leading mathematics and financial educators in the United States. They will be able to assist you throughout your session and you are welcome to explore new topics outside of the curriculum.

Videos On Demand

Introduction to Finance with HP Financial Calculators

»  Intro to Finance

This seminar provides an exciting, broad overview of the HP range of financial calculators: from the entry level HP10bII to the HP12c, HP12c Platinum, and the HP17bII+, currently the most powerful offering in this line-up. The features of the models are compared and contrasted through the use of examples drawn from finance, statistics, and accounting. Hands-on training is provided through the use of PC-based calculator emulators to see exactly how the examples would be solved on each calculator.

Power of the Graphing Series

»  Power of the Graphing Series

This course answers the basic question: "What makes the HP Graphing series so powerful?" This voyage of discovery begins with a clear outline of the highly unique features of all our graphing calculators and its excellence as an educational aid both to the math novice as well as the math educator. It then launches into details on other exciting possibilities such as:

  • Power of the HP Aplets function
  • Basic, dynamic representation on SYMB, PLOT and NUM
  • Discover the MODES and related features
  • Special keys such as MATH
  • Graphing in function mode
  • Quadratic and Trigonometric Explorer Aplets
  • How to create an applet
  • Many more….

Pre-Calculus using the 39g+ (same as 39gs)

»  Pre-Calculus using the 39g+ (same as 39gs)

This webinar focuses on functions. The HP 39g+ will be used to numerically and graphically investigate the effect of varying the parameter k in the functions f(x)+k and f(x+k), where f is a polynomial, trigonometric, or exponential function. The HP 39G+ symbolic view will be used to easily represent the addition and subtraction of functions both numerically and graphically. Function composition and inverse functions will be illustrated using the Plot and Table views.

Pre-Algebra, Algebra I Using the 39g+ (same as 39gs)

»  Pre-Algebra, Algebra I Using the 39g+ (same as 39gs)

Investigate sets of data and find the mean, median, range and quartiles from tables, box and whisker plots and histograms. Use the HP39+ to compare two sets of data and determine how and if they are related. This will be done by using the calculator to find a mathematical relationship then using the relationship to make predications. Graphs and equations will be found using the functionality of the calculator. An exploration into arithmetic sequences like 8, 14, 20, 26, 32, and 38 will be made.

This webinar invites you to explore linear equations and inequalities from a symbolic, numerical, and graphical perspective. The Plot-Table view will be used to show both graphical and numerical perspectives simultaneously, systems of equations will be solved graphically, truth plots will used to solve one-variable inequalities, and linear inequalities will be graphically solved.

Calculus using the HP 49g+ (same as 50g)

»  Calculus using the HP 49g+ (same as 50g)

Graphs of functions are a very important component of the calculus curriculum. The HP 49g+ provides a flexible tool for the teaching and learning of topics in calculus. The HP 49g+ is ideal for classroom demonstrations, self-study, and exploration of topics. Students can use this powerful tool to make connections between the graphical, numerical, and symbolic representation of functions.

This webinar will allow you to explore several calculus topics, with a number of examples provided for each topic, using the HP 49G+. Topics will include, Continuity and Limits, Graphical and symbolic differentiation and integration of functions, Slopefield computations, and work with Taylor polynomials.

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