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Business PC Security Solutions

PC Security Solutions

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HP offers a wide range of security products to protect your IT environment's physical assets and PC components.

Physical asset

Cable lock - a simple, effective, physical lock for all PCs

»  Cable locks for desktops
»  Cable locks for notebooks

Asset tags - unique identifiers for each client device in your environment to help you manage your IT assets

»  Serial number asset tag utility
»  Asset management services
Asset tracking - PC theft recovery and secure asset tracking
»  ComputraceComplete - PC Theft Recovery and Secure Asset Tracking (.pdf, 4.46MB)
»   HP Computrace BIOS FAQ (.pdf, 348K)

Platform authentication

TPM Embedded Security Chip  - The TPM Embedded Security Chip refers to the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), and integrates the core elements of trust into the subsystem
DriveLock hard drive - incorporates password-protected access to notebook hard drives
»  Learn more about Password Management
Smart Cover sensor and solenoid lock - an electronic sensor and software-controllable cover lock that helps protect against unauthorized chassis cover removal and unwanted desktop component removal. Available as an option on business desktops and workstations.
Memory change alert (HP Client Manager) - ability to monitor and manage memory, assets, and configurations on desktops, notebooks, workstations, and thin clients with HP Client Manager Software as well as proactively detect unauthorized modifications onsite and remotely
»  HP Client Manager

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