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Zseries Workstation Family

HP Workstations are built to push the limits of your creativity. These powerful, robust systems can handle practically any type of demanding computing tasks. To provide you with comprehensive information about the capabilities and possibilities of HP Workstations, we've assembled a library of white papers. Feel free to click on any of the PDF files below to read the most current information on HP Workstations and how they can work for you.

Personal Workstations

»  HP Workstation Whitepaper (830KB, PDF)
»  HP Workstations Quick Reference Guide (263KB, PDF)
»  HP Workstations Graphics Quick Reference Guide (155KB, PDF)
»  Self Encrypting Drives (120KB, PDF)
»  Rack Mounting and HP Workstations (484KB, PDF)
»  Workstation Support for 2.5" Mass Storage Devices (1.41MB, PDF)
»  Why buy HP Hard Disk and Solid State drives for HP Workstations? (125KB, PDF)
»  Building Reliability into HP Workstations (290KB, PDF)
»  Migrating from E/X5600 Processors (691KB, PDF)
»  HP Workstations and ANSYS (1.77MB, PDF)
»  HP Bentley MicroStation V8i SS3 (771KB, PDF)
»  HP and SolidWorks (797KB, PDF)
»  USB 3.0 Technology (236KB, PDF)
»  HP Stable and Consistent Offerings (198KB, PDF)
»  HP Workstation Manageability (471KB, PDF)
»  Memory Technology in HP Z Workstations (901KB, PDF)
»  Solid-State Drive Technology for HP Workstation (723KB, PDF)
»  Adobe Mercury Playback Engine in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.X (953KB, PDF)
»  Remote Management Options On HP Z Workstations (371KB, PDF)
»  DisplayPort Component Version Information (323KB, PDF)
HP Z1 Workstation
»  Arm Mount and Pedestal Stand Support on the Z1 Workstation (248KB, PDF)
»  HP Z1 Core Architecture (468KB, PDF)
»  HP Z1 Audio Features (341KB, PDF)
»  HP Z1 Workstation Chassis and System Highlights (180KB, PDF)
»  HP Z1 Memory Configurations and Optimization (157KB, PDF)
»  HP Z1 Graphics (481KB, PDF)
HP Z220 Workstation
»  HP Z220 Architecture (1.44MB, PDF)
»  Quad-monitor support via Intel integrated graphics and a single discrete 2D graphics card on a HP Z220 CMT/SFF workstations (226KB, PDF)
»  Intel HD Graphics Family Performance on HP Z220 (400KB, PDF)
»  Technical Review of Intel SRT (754KB, PDF)
»  SRT Overview (383KB, PDF)
»  HP Z220 Workstation Memory Configurations and Optimization (182KB, PDF)
HP Z420 Workstation
»  HP Z420 Product Design (190KB, PDF)
»  HP Z420 Memory Configurations and Optimization (156KB, PDF)
HP Z620 Workstation
»  HP Z620 Product Design (171KB, PDF)
»  HP Z620 Memory Configurations and Optimization (250KB, PDF)
HP Z820 Workstation
»  PCI-Express 3.0 technology and optimizations on HP Z820 Workstation (275KB, PDF)
»  HP Z820 Product Design (181KB, PDF)
»  HP Z820 Memory Configuration and Optimizations (253KB, PDF)
»  Comparison of the HP Z820 and HP Z800 Architectures (1.17MB, PDF)

HP Innovations

Remote Graphics Software
»  Advantages and implementation of HP Remote Graphics Software (477KB, PDF)
HP Leadership Graphics
»  HP and NX (1.78MB, PDF) Updated
»  HyperTune for NX – An HP Exclusive Toolset (317KB, PDF)
»  GPU Computing (247KB, PDF)
»  DisplayPort Overview and Benefits (55KB, PDF)
»  DisplayPort Configurations (133KB, PDF)
»  DisplayPort Setup (361KB, PDF)
»  HOW is HP’s NVIDIA Quadro fx 3800 different? (35KB, PDF)
Liquid Cooling
»  Liquid Cooling on the HP Z420 and HP Z820 Workstations (422KB, PDF)
»  Increasing Thermal Efficiency with Liquid Cooling (1.32MB, PDF)
Energy Efficiency
»  HP Wattsaver: Low-Power EuP Compliance Mode (43KB, PDF)
»  HP Workstations Environmental performance (177KB, PDF)

Vertical Market Solutions

»  HP & CATIA (1.29MB, PDF)
»  HP Z Workstations Performance Data and Sizing Guide for PTC Creo® Users (209KB, PDF)
»  HP Z Workstations Shine on Dassault Systemes CATIA DMU Clash and PHS rendering (2.6MB, PDF)

HP Performance Monitors

»  HP Performance Monitors Quick Reference Guide (607KB, PDF)
»  DisplayPort Configuration Mini White Paper (29KB, PDF)
»  DisplayPort Overview and Benefits Mini White Paper (56KB, PDF)
»  DisplayPort Setup Mini White Paper (43KB, PDF)

HP DreamColor Professional Display

»  30-bit Panel Mini White Paper (253KB, DOC)
»  Digital Color Workflows and the HP DreamColor LP2480zx Professional Display (1.31MB, PDF)
»  Monitor Color Gamut Mini White Paper (272KB, PDF)
»  Understanding the HP DreamColor LP2480zx Professional Display’s 30-bit panel (62KB, PDF)
»  Understanding the LP2480zx DCI-P3 HP Emulation Color Space (624KB, PDF)
»  Using the HP DreamColor LP2480zx Monitor in Apple Mac Systems (57KB, PDF)
»  Using the HP DreamColor LP2480zx Professional Display Monitor in professional video applications (142KB, PDF)
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» Personal Workstations
» HP Innovations
» Vertical Market Solutions

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