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Announcing HP Client Manager Software v6.2
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HP Client Manager for Altiris

Version 7.0 SP2 now available for download. A FREE solution, HP Client Manager provides centralized hardware management for HP and Compaq business desktops, notebooks, and workstations from a Web browser. It lays the foundation of the Altiris infrastructure to provide HP- and Compaq-specific information that complements other Altiris solutions to fully address system lifecycle management needs. Features of HP Client Manager include:
  • Hardware inventory for asset management
  • PC health monitoring and hardware alarm notification
  • Diagnostics for remote troubleshooting
  • Change BIOS/security settings from the Management Console
  • SoftPaq acquisition and deployment
  • Manage TPM enabled HP clients with HP ProtectTools
  • Web-accessible reporting

»  Download HP Client Manager for free

Integration with HP Instant Support

HP Client Manager now integrates with HP Instant Support providing Web-based tools that help troubleshoot and diagnose hardware configuration issues and provide access to HP Services expertise.

  • Tight integration with HP Instant Support tools reduces troubleshooting and resolution time of hardware problems.
    • You can run a diagnostics or system health scans that check your computers for hardware issues tracked by the HP Instant Support knowledgebase.
    • You can connect to an HP Support Representative through an Active Chat session if needed or link to the HP Instant Support knowledgebase for more information.
  • When you run a System Health Scan, HP Client Manager identifies the SoftPaqs needed to address issues. HP Client Manager automates the process of downloading and deploying the required SoftPaqs.
  • Integration of IS with HP CM gives IT Adminisrators access to Instant Support without giving up hardware and software configuration control to their end users

»  Learn more about HP instant support

Integration with HP ProtectTools

  • As a result of this integration, IT administrators can use HP Client Manager to Identify and inventory HP clients computers that include a TPM embedded security chip.
  • HP Client Manager can then install Protect Tools on those systems; and
  • HP Client Manager can remotely initialize the security chip on your computers saving time in setting-up a more secure client infrastructure.

Altiris Client Management Suite

Take control of your computing environment with Altiris® Client Management Suite™ software! Deploy, manage, migrate, and troubleshoot clients within your environment from a central Web-based management console.
To learn more about Altiris Client Management Suite please visit:

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